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Kingfisher Paddleventures is no longer in business.
Please book through Golden Isles Paddle Co.

Every product we sell – ecotours, lessons, or merchandise – helps you contribute to conserving the Golden Isles. We participate in the 1% for St. Simons program, and an additional 5% of our gross sales is split evenly between St. Simons Land Trust and One Hundred Miles.
You can learn more about our conservation initiatives and community involvement on our About page.

Thank you for helping us support coastal conservation!

Kingfisher Paddleventures proudly supports St. Simons Island Land Trust, the One Percent for St. Simons Program, and One Hundred Miles

Make Memories With People You Cherish In Places You Love!

Kingfisher Paddleventures offers paddling adventures, ecotours, and lessons for everyone!
All of our ecotours are led by a PhD Conservation Biologist, and all of our guides have a passion for sharing these beautiful waters with others.

Paddleboarding and kayaking are just plain fun, and they are also the best ways to tour the marshes and view wildlife.

Kingfisher Paddleventures paddleboard and kayak tours

And they also offer you a great way to reconnect with the people who matter most in your life.

How To Book Paddling Trips With Kingfisher Paddleventures

Booking is easy – just click on the button below to book online or call us at 912-602-2470 for same day availability

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We are a small, family-owned company with a couple employees, and we are dedicated to creating excellent customer experiences. So, if there’s anything we can do to serve you better, just let us know! If your request is within the scope of services that we provide, we will do everything in our power to help you.

Kingfisher Paddleventures paddleboarding and kayaking tours - paddling is a great way to spend time together Kingfisher Paddleventures paddleboarding and kayaking tours - family time paddleboard ecotours

Where to Find Kingfisher Paddleventures

  • We serve all of the Golden Isles: Jekyll Island, Saint Simons Island, Sea Island, and Brunswick
  • Kingfisher Paddleventures does not have a brick and mortar location. We cater to our customers and meet them at their tour location. Meeting areas and directions are communicated after you book because we need to check the tides and weather.
  • We sometimes stray farther afield. Interested in an paddling excursion on the Satilla River? Maybe the Altamaha River? On Sapelo or Cumberland Island? Give us a call at 912-602-2470 or drop John a line to find out what we can do for you.

Kingfisher Paddleventures paddleboarding and kayaking tours

Who Does Kingfisher Paddleventures Serve?

We serve everyone! Paddleboarding and kayaking are activities that anyone can do, and we welcome people young and old. You don’t need any prior experience to go paddling with us, either. We’ll teach you the basics of paddleboarding and kayaking when we meet you, and we provide all of the equipment you need to stay safe and have fun. If you book a tour, a guide will assist you the entire duration of the trip, and customers can always request that their guide use their time for a more detailed lesson.

What do Kingfisher Paddleventures Services Include?

  • All products – ecotours, recreational tours, and lessons – include the watercraft (paddleboard or kayak), paddle, lifevest/PDF, and leash (paddleboards only).
  • All tours are guided by subject matter experts. The company is owned by a guy with a PhD in Conservation Biology and years of training in outdoors recreation.
  • We take photographs and share them with you. In so doing, we help you protect your camera/phone and ensure that you’re in the picture instead of taking it.
  • Fun!

Not Everything We Do Involves Paddling

Sometimes the weather is bad, and sometimes we just want to walk instead of paddling. Or run. Or ride a bike. Or lay on the beach with a book. You get the idea. So, Kingfisher Paddleventures offers a few services that are completely land-based. Here’s a short list:

  • Guided bird walks
  • Guided frog walks (depends on weather and season)
  • Guided beach walks
  • Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island trail runs
  • Sydney Lanier Bridge runs (Safety in numbers, y’all! That bridge is no joke!)
  • Nature-based scavenger hunts

In addition to these activity-based services, we will also help you with board repairs (paddleboards and surf boards). Due to the nature of our business, we had to learn a bit of this, and we also had to find a guy to do some of the more difficult work that we can’t handle. Turns out, the best guy in the region is in Jacksonville. I’d be happy to transport your stuff to/from his shop when I take mine.

Let us know what you’re looking for! Chances are we know how to do it or know someone who does. We love to try new things, and we especially enjoy the challenge of finding new ways to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Kingfisher Paddleventures’ Partners

Kingfisher Paddleventures recommends paddleboards from and equipment from both Bishop Boards and  Riviera Paddlesurf. We keep both brands in our fleet.

We also recommend Jackson kayaks. The sit-ion-top livery kayaks that we use are extremely stable, easy to get into and out of, and they’re very durable. In accordance with Jackson Kayak’s rules, we sell our used boats after they’ve been in our fleet for more than a year. Inquire with John to find out which boats, if any, are available. Pricing varies with the condition of each kayak.

Looking for a great photographer? Check out John Krivec. He’s got a fantastic eye and a unique style! John is also the guy who built SSI SUP, the company we bought and turned into Kingfisher Paddleventures. So we kinda like him.

Looking for a place to stay? We like all of the hotels and resorts (no, really, we do – they’re all nice!), but we have special partnerships with Sea Palms Resort & Conference Center and Hodnett Cooper. We are very grateful for the partnerships that we share with them, and we are proud to work with such high caliber institutions. Please check them out!

We’re looking forward to seeing out on the water!