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The Featured products listing from Kingfisher Paddleventures represents the very best of what we have to offer. Each of these products are an interesting and fun way to make your time in the Golden Isles even better than you hoped. We offer a range of special paddleboarding and kayaking tours such as science enthusiast tours, fossil hunting tours, birding excursions, party packages, and training courses. Click on any of the links here or on the sidebar menu to explore our product lineup in more detail. You can also read some brief descriptions in the text below.

Featured Products – Science Enthusiast Tours

The Golden Isles are truly a special place, and they present an unique place for learning about and observing a wide range of scientific principles in a real world setting. These paddleboarding and kayaking excursions are among owner Norm Leonard’s favorite trips because he gets a chance to let his passion shine. Join him for a paddle through the marshes or along the beach and discuss topics ranging from coastal ecology to sediment transport, from wildlife biology to paleontology to sea level rise and global change.

Featured Products – Fossil Hunting Tours

The Marshes of Glynn have been inundated by sea water to one degree or another for at least 26 million years. Over that time span, the coast of North America has seen sea level rise and fall several times, providing both terrestrial and marine habitats for organisms that have since gone extinct. Fortunately for us, the sediments along the coast trapped the remains of these organisms and some parts of them (usually the hard parts like bone and teeth) were mineralized. The resulting fossils are scattered along the Georgia Coast, with a particularly rich cache of shark teeth and shells in Golden Isles. Join us on paddleboarding and kayaking excursions into the marsh where we can explore dredge spoil banks for fossils. This trip is perfect for novice fossil hunters, shark teeth enthusiasts, and the curious. We’ve found that many kids really enjoy this package.

Featured Products – Birding Excursions

Coastal Georgia is birder’s paradise, and there’s really no better way to see birds in the marsh or along the beach than from a kayak or paddleboard. The watercraft are quiet and easily maneuvered. They also have a very shallow draft, allowing us to explore the smallest tidal creeks where many of the local wading birds hunt or feed. See bald eagles, osprey, peregrine falcons, wood storks, roseate spoonbills, brown pelicans, white pelicans, cormorants, and herons, to name just a few of the many species that call the Golden Isles home for part of the year. Of all our featured products, the birding tours are the most dynamic, offering something new to see on almost every trip!

Featured Products – Party Packages & Groups

Are you ready to paaaaarty?!?! We are! Our party packages are decidedly less “science-y” than most of our other featured products, but they sure are fun. Join us for a paddleboarding or kayaking bachelorette party (or bachelor party), birthday party, or any other celebration. If you’re celebrating a romantic occasion such as an engagement, anniversary, or wedding, we recommend combining this party option with our sunset options for a little bit of added romance.

Featured Products – Training Courses

We love seeing our passion take hold in other areas around the world, and we are happy to share what we know (and much of what we don’t know) with anyone who asks. We’ll train you to be a paddleboard or kayak ecotour guide, help you set up an ecotourism business, and/or provide you with hands-on experience through our “A day in the life…” package.


Every product we sell – tour, rental, lesson, or merchandise – helps you contribute to conserving the Golden Isles. We participate in the 1% for St. Simons program, and an additional 5% of our gross sales is split evenly between St. Simons Land Trust and One Hundred Miles.
You can learn more about our conservation initiatives and community involvement on our About page.

Thank you for helping us support coastal conservation!