About Kingfisher Paddleventures – Who, What, And Why We Do It

This page is about Kingfisher Paddleventures – Who, What, and Why We Do It. As you read through the page, you’ll learn about our team, some of the products we offer, and our philosophy. It’s our hope that you’ll like our ideas and want to support us. After all, the most important part of our business is you!

About Kingfisher Paddleventures: The Basics

The first thing to know about Kingfisher Paddleventures is that it’s a small, local ecotourism business owned and operated by Dr. Norman (Norm) Leonard. Norm’s Ph.D. in Conservation Biology is from UNO (2008), and he also holds a BS in Ecology from UGA (1998). After working in research labs for his two post-docs at UGA and teaching at the college level for over a decade, he finally followed his dream when he bought SSI SUP (the company’s old name). For him, the job is about more than having fun on the water. He genuinely loves meeting new people, being active, and spending most of his days outside. In fact, he says, “It really is a dream come true! I get to share my passion for the world with people who are genuinely interested. Many of them share my fascination with nature, and they quickly come to realize that I really love what I do.” The best part, Norm tell us, is that he “get[s] to be outside and have a blast with a lot of really interesting people without having to jam a bunch of information down their throats. Instead, they just start asking questions, and I get to tell them all this really cool stuff. Before we know it, we’re enjoying a great paddle through a beautiful place while we laugh, share jokes, and talk about this very special region. And, every once in a while, I also meet someone who wants to paddle fast or try to paddlesurf, and I get a decent workout. No matter how you slice it, it’s all win-win.”

About Kingfisher Paddleventures’ Team

Norm – The Kingfisher team is led by Dr. Norman (Norm) Leonard. He’s the owner of Kingfisher and the spark behind all of kfpaddle’s products. Norm is driven by two ideas. The first is that we should strive to leave the world a better place than we found it. In his view, each day represents a new opportunity to improve the human condition as well as the environment. The second is his love of science. He is particularly fond of ecology and conservation biology, but he also enjoys chemistry, physics, the earth sciences.

Skye – Life is better when you share it with someone, and Norm chooses to share his time with his wife, Skye McIntyre. Although Skye owns and operates her own counseling practice, SkyeHelps, in Dahlonega, GA, she helps with Kingfisher Paddleventures, too. When she’s not busy with her own clients, Skye often answers Norm’s phone and helps him keep track of things. So, if you call, there’s a good chance that you’ll talk to Skye when you’re booking your paddle excursion, trying to track down a receipt, or inquire about a product.

Where To find Norm And Kingfisher Paddleventures

We do not have a brick-and-mortar retail location; instead our business operates on an e-commerce platform and we go to our customers. We meet tour customers at the starting point for each excursion, which we communicate via phone or email.

The best way to contact Norm is to call him or send an email. His phone number and email address are:

Our business mailing address is:

170 Palm St
Saint Simons Island, Georgia 31522
United States (US)

What We Do: The Work That Defines Kingfisher Paddleventures

Owner Norm Leonard often tells people that, at the end of the day, Kingfisher Paddleventures is “nothing more than a paddleboard and kayak tourism business.” And, on the face of things, Norm’s claim is completely true. We offer paddleboard and kayak tours and lessons on St Simons Island, Jekyll Island, Sea Island, and other areas in and around the Golden Isles.

However, that’s not quite the whole truth; Norm’s true passion is helping people build connections. He wants to help people connect with each other – friends, family, spouses – as well as places. Either way, the bonds that people build when they feel safe, have fun, and reconnect with people they love are linked to powerful emotions. When describing these emotions, people often use words like “love” and express a desire to protect the person, place, or thing with which they bonded. Consequently, it turns out that helping people have a blast while they’re on vacation inspires them feel connected with – and want to protect – the places where they paddle with us.

Thus, the real work of Kingfisher Paddleventures is helping complete the conservation triangle. Our company is built around the idea that people protect what they love. We give people a reason to care about conservation research and policy; we give them a reason to care about the land and support preservation efforts.

So, we help people fall in love with the beautiful, special places near our home on St. Simons Island. Let us show you the grandeur of a sunset over the salt marshes, explore tidal creeks with a pod of dolphins, or challenge your athleticism in the surf. Paddle for fun and spend the afternoon laughing with friends, or hang out with Norm as he shares his passion for the ecology and biodiversity of the Georgia coast. See things you simply can’t see from the water’s edge and hear things that are normally drowned out by the sound of a motor. The Golden Isles are a wonderland, rich with gorgeous vistas and fascinating wildlife!

Why We Do It: About Kingfisher Paddleventures’ Mission

Continuing with the theme of telling you about the “who, what, and why” brings us to the next thing to know about Kingfisher Paddleventures: we do this job because we love it! And we also have a very strong conservation ethic. As we allude to above, we want people to help protect Georgia’s coast. We think it’s beautiful. And uniquely worthy of our protection. We also understand that it’s important for ecological, economic, and cultural reasons. The ecological value alone is immense. The salt and freshwater marshes are at the root – literally – of the rich biodiversity we observe along the coast as well as the economic value we derive from that biodiversity. Both of these factors tie into the cultural value of the coast, which stretches back into the deepest recesses of human memory – there have been people living along the coast for thousands of years.

Our mission is to promote the preservation of natural areas by helping people build and nurture their connections with one another as well as the places where we work. We plan to accomplish this goal by providing ecotourism and recreational products that are safe, interesting, and fun so we can build on people’s emotional connections to promote environmental literacy and sustainable stewardship of the world in which we live.

There’s quite a bit packed into this mission statement, but we’re dedicated to the vision. We believe – and hope to prove – that the market will support a business founded on the principles of nurturing an emotional connection to others and nature. We think that a business can promote sustainability while also adhering to the principles of sustainability (it’s more rare than you think), and people don’t always need a financial incentive to protect or preserve nature (also a rare idea). By touching the lives of individual customers and putting our hearts into each tour, we hope to build the next generation of conservationists one paddle stroke at a time.

Where We Came From: The Origins of Kingfisher Paddleventures

When people ask about Kingfisher Paddleventures’ story, they often ask where we came from. It’s a more difficult question to answer than you might think. Both Norm and Skye have led interesting lives with winding paths. Neither of them are native to the area, and their route to the Golden Isles was not direct.

For the purposes of the “About Kingfisher Paddleventures” page, the story is best told beginning in October 2016. That’s when Norm and Skye bought SSI SUP (which stood for St. Simons Island Stand-Up Paddleboard). After trying their hand at ecotourism in the Georgia mountains, they shifted their focus to Georgia’s coast where there are more tourists. The Golden Isles are an area of rich opportunity that is important in Georgia’s tourism industry, not to mention the region’s ecological, economic, and cultural importance. It’s perfect for an ex-college instructor who wants to find a fun, meaningful ways to help people connect with each other and this special place we call Georgia.

A Few More Things To Know About Kingfisher Paddleventures

In addition to running Kingfisher Paddleventures, Norm and Skye also own and operate CORE Adventure Group. CORE’s mission is to help people reconnect with themselves and “grow from the inside outside” by providing affordable, short-term adventure-based counseling experiences to a diverse clientele. CORE provides outdoor and adventure based counseling services to individuals, couples, small groups, and residential treatment facilities throughout the Southeast.

Norm and Skye currently keep two homes, one in the mountains of North Georgia and another in Georgia’s Golden Isles where they like to paddle, hike, garden, and raise chickens. But, with that said, they  also love to travel all over the world, and they’ll readily take you to any destination for a paddling adventure, hike, or backcountry excursion!

If you want to know anything more about Kingfisher Paddleventures, please drop us a line. We’re always happy to answer your questions!

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